Our Story

Circles of Wisdom is a family-owned small business located in Methuen, MA. Owners Cathy and Bob Kneeland welcome customers to shop, explore new ideas, meet new people, or just enjoy the sacred space when they need a peaceful place to regroup and face life's challenges (aka "opportunities for growth"). We offer workshops with both local and national presenters, and even a few international ones! Our readers and healers can offer guidance and help you see situations in new ways as you make shifts in your life. You can find regular supplies here like sage, candles and incense plus a great selection of crystals and gemstone jewelry. Since 2020 we’ve added online classes, remote readings, and an expanded online store to serve an even greater community than our local area.

We are so grateful for our amazing staff and the many presenters and readers who share their gifts with our customers. Many have been with us for a long time and we value those relationships. When you come to Circles we want you to know that we’re offering you the best “Bright Ideas for Better Living” that we’ve been able to find in our 22+ years in business.

How we got here:

Cathy’s first experience with the metaphysical world didn’t occur until after college when she had her first Tarot reading.  She was encouraged to read Marianne Williamson’s book Return to Love, sparking her interest in spirituality. An avid reader, she became so consumed with her interest in books that she kept a spreadsheet of all the books she wanted to read! As the list grew, she dreamed of one day owning a new age bookstore. At the time, she was working as an actuary at an insurance company – very different from the environment she’s in now!

After a series of synchronicities in finding the right place, she chose to buy Circles of Wisdom in 1998 from its first owner. At that time it was in a small downtown Andover location. She continued working other corporate jobs for over 5 years until she was ready to take the leap and be at Circles full time. Over the years a few expansions were made as space opened in the building, mostly to allow for more workshop and reading rooms. Cathy feels it’s her mission in life to bring students and teachers together for learning and personal growth, and Circles has allowed her to feel fulfilled in that role.

Cathy met Bob on match.com in 2006 and they got married in 2008. In Bob’s early 20’s he swore he would never work in retail again, but ended up marrying an amazing woman who owned a retail store! Their cats George and Judy were the first additions to their family. Their dog Sage joined the family in 2019 and for many years was the official greeter at the store. Sage is older now, but still can be spotted at the store occasionally, giving and receiving lots of love to everyone she sees. 

After many years of on and off searching for an ideal new location, on their 9th wedding anniversary Bob and Cathy first visited the current building in Methuen. They both instantly knew they’d finally found the perfect place. Moving from 1800 to 4800 square feet was quite an expansion! All the team pitched in and after a 10-day move we were up and running again. Circles can now host events up to 130 people and has a bright and beautiful sales floor. There was lots to celebrate in 2018 as we had the new location grand opening on September 7th and 20-year anniversary of Cathy owning Circles on November 31st.

When the pandemic shutdown happened in 2020, we quickly adapted to meet the needs of the community. It was critical for people to still feel connected so we immediately switched as many events as possible to Zoom online meetings. What a blessing to find that people could still share with each other and grow together in this format. It’s been so successful that online events and remote readings are here to stay as a permanent part of the business. Facebook Live online shopping events were another addition that will continue to run. We’re looking to add more virtual shopping opportunities in the future as well, as we have just purchased additional space in our building to expand our social media and shipping/receiving departments.

We hope you’ll explore more here on our web site, and visit us at our Methuen, MA location if you’re able to. We wish you bright blessings on your journey through this life.