Our core readers and healers are at Circles on a regular basis to serve you. Some are here weekly, others once or twice a month, and a few less often, but still multiple times a year. They are all experienced and offer you guidance and healing wherever you're on your journey at this present moment. Many of them will do phone readings if you are not able to make it for an in-person session.

Private Sessions with Julie Ann Gadziala

Julie Ann Gadziala

Next Sessions: Thursday, December 1

Private Sessions

Julie Ann is a gifted Psychic Medium, Channeler, Spiritual Guide and Spiritual Business Coach. You may choose to spend your time in one or a blend of the above areas.

Animal Communication or Intuitive Readings with Ginger Hendry

Ginger Hendry

Next Sessions: Thursday, December 1

Animal Communication or Intuitive Readings

Ginger offers compassionate soul to soul readings with your animal whether they are alive or in spirit. Her intuitive readings offer wisdom from your Guides. 

Spiritual Mediumship Sessions with Dianne Rockwell

Dianne Rockwell

Next Sessions: Friday, December 2

Spiritual Mediumship Sessions

With much love, compassion and understanding, Dianne uses her gift of mediumship to connect with your loved ones who are still here with you, just in spirit form.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings with Beverley

Beverley Raymond

Next Sessions: Friday, December 2

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Beverley uses her Tarot and Life Coaching skills to assist clients in discovering what holds them back in the present time and where they can do the self work.

Destiny Divination or Healing Sessions with Renee Walsh

Renee Walsh

Next Sessions: Saturday, December 3

Destiny Divination or Healing Sessions

A Destiny session reveals the plan we designed for this lifetime. Combined with an extensive healing background, Renee supports deep inner work for your soul growth.

Tarot Readings with Lauraine

Lauraine Spelled the French Way

Next Sessions: Sunday, December 4

Tarot Readings

Lauraine is a psychic from birth. Her tarot readings incorporate astrological, planetary, tarot and Kabbalah symbolism as well as medical intuition. 

Spiritual Dowsing & Tarot Sessions with Ann Gildart

Ann Gildart

Next Sessions: Monday, December 5

Spiritual Dowsing & Tarot Readings

Ann's readings bring clarity, insight and peace of mind, providing answers to both simple and complex questions. She helps you to move forward on your path. 

Intuitive Mediumship Sessions with Heather Maguire

Heather Maguire

Next Sessions: Tuesday, December 6

Intuitive Mediumship Sessions

Heather combines mediumship, intuitive guidance, and energy healing to guide clients to deeper levels of understanding and self-acceptance.

Akashic Records Readings with Patty Collinsworth

Patty Collinsworth

Next Sessions: Tuesday, December 6

Akashic Record Readings

Readings can address practical concerns such as relationships, health, money, work plus issues surrounding family of origin and your contribution to the world.

Intuitive Mediumship, Energy Healing, or Empath Empowerment Sessions

Alisa Ozernoy

Next Sessions: Wednesday, December 7

Intuitive Mediumship, Energy Healing & Empath Empowerment

Combining her background in psychology with her readings and energy work, Alisa's sessions can help you view situations from a higher perspective. 

Readings and Healing Sessions with Soul Goddess Carmen Hernandez

Carmen Hernandez

Next Sessions: Thursday, December 8

Readings and Healing Sessions

Carmen is a pure conduit for divine messages, using several oracle decks in her readings. She offers several healing modalities, including an Atlantean Healing Ceremony.

Soul Readings with Barb Ducharme

Barb Ducharme

Next Sessions: Thursday, December 8

Soul Readings

Barb offers insight from your Soul’s perspective on your spiritual evolution. Receive guidance on your current situation, challenges & understanding of your gifts. 

Psychic Intuitive or Mediumship Readings with Chrissy Masterson

Chrissy Masterson

Next Sessions: Friday, December 9

Psychic Intuitive or Mediumship Readings

Chrissy is a gifted Psychic Medium offering both intuitive guidance and messages from spirit. You may choose one or combine both Psychic Intuitive and Mediumship.

Cowrie Shell Divination with Wendy Walter

Wendy Walter

Next Sessions: Friday, December 9

Cowrie Shell Divination

Wendy's sessions access guidance from your ancestors to clarify the meaning of your soul’s quest and shed light on obstacles hindering successful living. 

Holiday Season Psychic Fair

Next Sessions: Saturday, December 10

Holiday Season Psychic Fair

20-minute readings for $30 with some of our amazing readers, in person only. Shop our local artisan trunk show too!  And all in store merchandise is 10% for the day. 

Card Readings with Lara Lavinas

Lara Lavinas

Next Sessions: Monday, December 12

Card Readings

Lara speaks from the heart and shares her beautiful energy with all. Utilizing her own unique system, she works to empower her clients to live a healthy, happy life! 

Connect with Spirit: Tarot Consultations with Ann Hentz

Ann Hentz

Next Sessions: Tuesday, December 13

Tarot Consultations

Your Future is being created Now. Tarot can be a useful tool to provide clarity, direction, alternatives & possible solutions. Let the magick of the Tarot guide & empower you!

Returning to Joy: Channeled Celestial Guidance & Healing with Cathy Corcoran

Cathy Corcoran

Next Sessions: Tuesday, December 13

Channeled Celestial Guidance & Healing

Through channeled information and oracle cards, Cathy offers angelic guidance and healings. Soul sketches offer a combo reading  & personalized collage.

Mediumship Messages with Christian Anderson

Christian Anderson

Next Sessions: Tuesday, December 13

Mediumship Messages

Christian connects to your loved ones in spirit delivering revealing & enlightening messages. Realizing our loved ones are still with us aids our healing process.

Limitless Readings & Healings with Quantum Shamanic Medium Samantha Shea

Samantha Shea

Next Sessions: Wednesday, December 14

Limitless Readings & Healings

Your session could include divine guidance, energy healing, connection to past loved ones, journey into a past life, learning about your energy, purpose & gifts.

Psychic Intuitive or Spiritual Mediumship Healing Sessions with Yvonne Alers

Yvonne Alers

Next Sessions: Saturday, December 17

Psychic Intuitive or Spiritual Mediumship

Yvonne offers sessions in Spanish or English. She offers guidance & healing using a unique blend of mediumship, soul communication & psychic intuitive abilities. 

Gong Immersion Sessions with Nancy Tanzella

Nancy Tanzella

Next Sessions: Friday, December 23

Gong Immersion Sessions

In Nancy's Gong Space you recline on an anti-gravity chair with gongs surrounding you. Relax and re-align as the frequencies wash through you, releasing any stuck energies.

Intuitive Astrology with Master Astrologer Dorothy Morgan

Dorothy Morgan

Next Sessions: Wednesday, December 28

Astrology, Life Path & Angel Card Readings

With over 30 years experience interpreting charts, Dorothy is ready to help you gain insight into your life purpose, understand relationships, plan projects and much more. 

13th Annual New Year Celebration Event: A Special Day of Healings & Readings

With Love And Gratitude Team

Next Sessions: Saturday, January 7

13th Annual New Year Celebration Event: A Special Day of Healings & Readings

Register early for your session, 20-minute reading and/or healing sessions for $15, Only $25 for both reading and healing.  Also offering 15% off all merchandise. Join us as we celebrate the the New Year! 

Private Iridology Sessions with Sunshine Beeson

Sunshine Beeson

Next Sessions: Saturday, January 14

Private Iridology Sessions

In an Iridology session, Sunshine uses a special camera for the iris of the eye, which shows in-depth markings that link to the body. A full informative profile of suggestions and solutions are given with the reading.

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