Intuitive Oracle Card Readings & Channeled Crystal Energy Healing Sessions with Carmen Hernandez

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings & Channeled Crystal Energy Healing Sessions with Carmen Hernandez
  • $30 - 15 min, $60 - 30 min, $90 - 45 min, $120 - 60 min
  • Rates apply to both In-person and Phone sessions

During a reading, Carmen relies on her intuition and her natural ability as a born empath to enlighten and guide those seeking clarity. Divinely guided messages stream through to her consciousness by way of imagery revealed through an oracle deck, or are channeled from her strong connection to the Angelic Realm. Carmen's healings and readings come from an open, pure heart and are always uplifting and inspirational to the soul!

In her healing sessions, Carmen combines a number of healing modalities in which she is a certified practitioner and master teacher. This includes: Usui Reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Crystal Healing, and Lightarian Reiki.

Carmen is divinely guided to infuse specific crystalline energy to complement her energy work. Before her sessions, she creates a customized healing grid beneath her Reiki table to raise the vibration within her sacred healing space. During her session Carmen may channel Divine Messages or imagery for her client.

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    6:00 pm-9:00 pm
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Carmen Hernandez

Carmen Hernandez

Carmen Hernandez discovered she had a natural affinity for working with people after receiving her first Usui Reiki attunement.  She then continued her studies and received two additional Reiki healing certifications - Shamballa and Lightarian, of which she is a master in both.

In addition to working with people, Carmen's love of animals prompted her to pursue a certification in Animal Reiki and Communication.  Equine communication is particularly near and dear to her heart. Carmen has served as a volunteer at Ironstone Farm, Andover, MA, within their hippotherapy program.

Using her gifts as an empath and divine channel for energetic healing, Carmen has found great joy in helping and assisting others by providing a unique blend of services.  She also developed a line of healing-infused crystal creations that she can customize to match each individual.