Artisan Trunk Show: Shop Our Talented Local Vendors

Artisan Trunk Show: Shop Our Talented Local Vendors

Join us for this special Artisan Trunk Show and browse the many beautiful and unique items created by some of our own local and talented vendors. We are delighted to be able to highlight some of their wonderful products with you!



April Story - WitchyVibesArt

A woman owned business that creates art and witchy tools by hand. Inspired by nature, meditation, crystals and love. Every item created by April is poured over with enchanted powerful messages in a positive workspace. Each piece is a work of art filled with lightness and darkness to balance and welcome the best intentions.

Amy Milillo - Chainmaille Creations: Craftsmanship & Creativity Unite!

Meet Amy, the genius behind each meticulously handcrafted piece. With dedication, she weaves metal rings into art that transcends mere accessories. See these creations range from elegant jewelry to stylish accessories and charming decor. Each piece carries Amy's passion, making every creation a labor of love and a story to tell.

Explore, choose, and make these treasures part of your story. Whether it's timeless elegance or individuality, our Chainmaille Creations await your discovery.

Saturday, July 13
10:00 am-5:00 pm

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