Akashic Records Readings with Patty Collinsworth

Akashic Records Readings with Patty Collinsworth
  • Patty Collinsworth offers remote sessions only, via phone or Zoom. 
  • Due to the COVID-19 situation, most sessions are currently offered remotely. Patty Collinsworth offers sessions by phone and ZoomPlease state your preference in the Notes field when you book your appointment. For phone sessions, the reader will call you at the number you provide. For other sessions, the reader may contact you in advance with login information if needed. 
  • $100 - 45 min - Rates apply to both In-Person and Phone sessions

The Akashic Records contain a vibrational record of every soul and its journey through time. The primary experience of being in the Akashic Record is one of being both known and loved from the perspective of your soul from which perceptions, awareness, and insights not commonly available come naturally.  Akashic Record readings can address practical day-to-day concerns such as relationships, health, money, work, creative expression, family of origin, your contribution in the world, and other similar questions we all have about life. Being in the richness of the Record can help people in every area of life.

Some tips for asking questions during a reading:

  • What, where, how, and why questions get the clearest responses (rather than simple yes/no questions).
  • Time as we know it does not exist in the Records. Asking how long something will take or when something will happen will not bring clarity. The Records are not fortune-telling.
  • Any topic is OK to ask about but choose what’s uppermost on your mind and ask from the perspective of your day to day experiences.
  • We enter your Records using your full legal name (as it is on tax documents or birth certificate).
  • If asking about family or friends, the question must have to do with your relationship to that person, rather than being specifically about them. We will be in your Records, not theirs… as it would be an integrity breach to enter their records without their permission.

Enjoy! Healing and upliftment occurs by just “being” in the records… Feel free to sit back and allow yourself to take it all in.

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Patty Collinsworth

Patty Collinsworth

Patty Collinsworth is an Elite Certified Teacher of the Pathway Prayer Process© into the Heart of the Akashic Records from the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies. She has trained directly with Linda Howe, author of How to Read the Akashic Records and Healing through the Akashic Records. She has been teaching classes throughout New England and online for over 10 years.