Astrology Consultations

Astrology Consultations

  • Kristen offers both in-person and remote sessions.
  • In-person sessions are offered only on dates with the Person icon next to the date.
  • $90 for 30 minutes (Astro Snack)
  • $175 for 75 minutes (Natal Chart Reading)
  • $205 for 75 minutes (Relationship Reading) *Note: This reading requires at least 24 hour advanced notice to book as there is additional prep time needed.

*Time of birth is required. Please provide date, time and place of birth when booking your appointment.  If you don’t have your time of birth (as indicated on a birth certificate). You can go the following website and request a copy of your certificate which should include the time: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w/

Did you ever wish life came with a manual? One that included a map that could help you chart your way through relationships, career, and big life decisions? It does and it’s called astrology! Join Kristen Bala for a personalized astrology reading, an enlightening experience that will connect you with your greatest potential and put you in sync with the energies of the cosmos.

Here are a few questions an astrology reading can help you answer:
•    What are my natural gifts and talents? In what areas of life are they best utilized?
•    What is my relationship with money and how can I best work with it?
•    How can I best nurture myself? Where do I find emotional security?
•    What type of work environment is best for me? 
•    What is my parenting style?
•    What is this life pushing me to do? What is the lesson I’m supposed to learn?
•    How can I find more joy in life?
•    What challenges or opportunities can I expect in the upcoming year? What should I focus on right now?

If you’ve never had your chart read before, we recommend you book a Natal Chart Reading for 75 minutes. This will help you understand your basic constitution including your strengths, challenges and patterns of behavior. Kristen will go over the major planetary transits for the year and what may be supporting or hindering you. She’ll give you important dates to mark on your calendar, and what to look out for. 

If you’re not sure, and just want a taste of what an astrology reading is about, you can book an Astro Snack for 30 minutes. Follow up readings are available for existing clients that need to dive deeper into certain areas, plan ahead, get help with big decisions, or guidance during difficult times.

Relationship Astrology Reading

Ever wonder what makes a relationship click? Is it general compatibility, shared goals, chemistry or emotional support? Did you know that you and your partner have your own cosmic blueprint? The way the planets overlay in each of your astrology charts tells a very unique story. The stars can indicate your triggers, patterns of behavior, and level of commitment. In this 75 minute reading, we will take a look at your relationship and how well you interact with each other. We will explore your natal Venus and 7th house, determining the type of partner you need, relationship dynamics, and your own special love language. This reading is helpful for those who want to improve an existing relationship as well as those in a brand new relationship.
The reading can help you answer questions such as:
•    How compatible am I with my partner?
•    Are there any obstacles I need to be aware of?
•    Is there enough glue in the relationship to make it stick?
•    In what areas are we most likely to experience struggle?
•    In what areas are we most likely to thrive?
•    What part of the relationship do I need to focus on right now?
•    How is our relationship received by others?
When booking, please provide both partners’ date of birth, time, and city and state.  Exact time is required in order to pull an accurate chart. 

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Kristen Bala

Kristen Bala

Kristen is an astrologer, writer and entrepreneur. She came into astrology as a teenager, when her mother, an astrologer and herbalist introduced her to this ancient science, and the two of them spent countless hours doing natal charts together. 

Over the years, it has become Kristen's journey to help others understand astrology in a way that's easy and accessible. She studied with several leading astrologers and graduated with honors from the Rebecca Gordon Astrology School. In 2015, she founded The Deep End, a holistic community that offers astrology and healing services around an in-door pool in Harvard, Mass. 

In addition to giving readings, she leads astrology workshops for schools and organizations and is an active member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (Boston Chapter) and the American Federation of Astrologers. 

"Throughout my life, astrology has been a continuous backdrop. It is a language that never fails me and I've seen it do wonders to help heal and reveal a person's life path. I am forever grateful for my mentors that have taught me this incredible music of the spheres and it is my life's mission to share this passion with others." 

You can learn more about Kristen’s work at www.findyourdeepend.com

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