Gong Immersion Sessions with Nancy Tanzella

Gong Immersion Sessions with Nancy Tanzella

  • Nancy offers sessions in person only. 
  • 50 minutes for $80
  • Any session can be for 1 or 2 people. Please specify when registering if two people are attending so antigravity chairs will be available.
  • Please note: Not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with pacemakers or similar medical devices. The gong sound meditation involves strong vibrations and auditory stimulation that may pose risks or affect the functioning of medical devices.

Bring your body to the Gong Space for a private personal or group session.

Your body will feel like it is floating as you recline on an anti-gravity chair with gongs surrounding your space. The anti-gravity chairs have a 300 lb weight limit and offer any-body a comfortable and easy way to relax off the floor and experience what gongs can do.

You may set specific intentions if you wish, or just shut of the mind and enjoy the soundscape as the frequencies wash through you, assisting to release any stuck energies. You will feel and notice the difference a gong session can do to harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

Nancy Tanzella

Nancy Tanzella

Nancy Tanzella is an Intuitive Sound Practitioner. She has been working with the Gongs and sound therapy for many years and continues to attend workshops and studies with her teacher Mitch Nur. Nancy is always searching for more ways to bring experiences with sound and sound therapy to the next level.

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