Transpersonal Chakra

Gene Ang, PhD

The chakras are whirling energy centers in our energy body that digest, purify, and transform the subtle energies in our environment in order to energize our entire being. The 3 energy centers above our head and the 3 energy centers below our feet, known as the transpersonal chakras, are rarely discussed in explanations surrounding the chakra system.

This evening seminar is an in-depth study and practice utilizing and integrating the 3 chakras above the body and 3 chakras below the body with the entire energy field. We will start the evening understanding the structure and function of these transpersonal energy centers and how they relate to the energy centers found within the physical body.

Next we will learn an advanced energy practice that utilizes these transpersonal chakras: the Vesica Piscis Meditation. The Vesica Piscis Meditation coordinates the activation of the 3 upper transpersonal chakras with the 3 lower transpersonal chakras. This allows for a balanced development of the energy field both above and below the energy body. This meditation further builds the sacred geometrical form of the vesica piscis into the energy field which acts as an inter-dimensional gateway for meditation and consciousness travel in the inner worlds.

The last part of the evening is a discussion of the high frequency light and information called the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge (ADB). This healing energy is taught and transmitted in level 3 of the Arcturian Healing Method. The Arcturian Dimensional Bridge fully brings in the trans-dimensional space of consciousness and energy referred to as the Arcturian dimension into the dimension where the healing is taking place. This allows for rapid transformations in consciousness and energy for participants.

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