Uncollapsing the Wave: Beyond Quantum Physics in Healing

Gene Ang, PhD

This 2½-hour class goes over the most recent concepts in healing utilizing quantum and beyond quantum models.

Quantum Physics states that all things are arising out of the quantum void. This quantum void--or zero point energy--contains all possible outcomes and infinite potential. However, as soon as consciousness views a particular outcome, then all these infinite possibilities collapse into that particular case. In Quantum Physics terms, this is called collapsing the wave function.

Is it possible to go beyond this? Is it possible to go in the reverse direction?

Any particular situation, like a health condition or problem, is similar to having the infinite possibilities of the quantum void collapsed into a particular wave function or condition. Is it possible to uncollapse that particular wave function and revert back to the infinite possibilities again? If so, this would allow for change on an enormous level.

In this video presentation, we go through these possibilities in the context of healing and transformation and look at practical techniques to allow you to uncollapse events and allow for unlimited possibilities in your life and the life of others. We will go through various attitudes and states of consciousness that allow for this to happen and also areas in the energy body that used as a focal point can allow for this infinite change. You will go away with both a theoretical understanding of this phenomenon as well as practical techniques.

Video, 2 hours & 40 minutes


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