Pine Needles

Pine Needles


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Pine has been used in magic and healing practices for hundreds of years and in Celtic mythology, Pine is known as a tree for protection and forgiveness. We can work with pine when revisiting and healing past traumas, as well as when we need support to find a clear path forward.

Pine Tree benefits:

  • Pine flowers (or strobili) are great in assisting those who have a tendency to feel guilty, after making/taking decisions and teaching forgiveness
  • Pine needles are healers: the needles can be used to make tea as well as an essential oil. Its oil and tea are both antiseptic in nature, anti-inflammatory, as well as energizing for anyone dealing with respiratory issues
  • Pinecones are used to help promote fertility in rituals and are also used for pineal gland activation
  • Pine resin can be mixed with different herbs like sage, lemon, and mint to create a purifying sacred incense. This can be used before or after any ritual for cleansing space and self
  • Pine needles mixed with resin can also be used to ward off low-energy spirits

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