Connecting with the Arcturians

Connecting with the Arcturians

by David Miller


Paperback, 240 pages

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Only on rare occasions does a book come along that contains the potential to change the consciousness of our entire planetary culture. Many have talked about the ascension process, but very few really understand what it means. Who is really out there? Where are we going? What are our choices? What has to be done to prepare for this event? Is everyone ascending to the same place? What happened to the fourth dimension? How can we understand the fifth dimension? What are fifth-dimensional beings like?

This book explains all of these questions in a way that we can easily understand. It explains what our relationships are with known extraterrestrial groups and what they are doing to help the Earth and her people in this crucial galactic moment in time. It helps us to understand how we can raise our vibration now and begin the process of integrating higher-dimensional energies into our third-dimensional world.

The Arcturians have given us a crucial focus for the acceleration of world consciousness. They have presented the concept of group ascension through the creation of groups of forty, and their concept of the Sacred Triangle reveals a powerful method for the integration and unification of spiritual and religious thought on the planet Earth.
As you read this book, you will feel the presence of fifth-dimensional energy within your being, allowing you to be able to truly experience a view of fifth-dimensional awareness. This will profoundly affect your ability to expand your own perception of reality and help you to actively participate in the personal and planetary ascension that has already begun.


David K. Miller has an extensive background in psychology and psychotherapy. After 35 years of conventional practice, David now focuses exclusively on soul psychology. He has been receiving information and direct messages from the Arcturians for more than twenty-two years. As a result of this powerful connection, he has channeled more than 15 books, written over 200 articles, and led more than 50 international workshops on themes related to the Arcturians. David is also the founder of the international meditation group known as the Group of Forty.

  • Publisher: Light Technology Publications (July 1, 2012)

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