Seeking Dragons

Seeking Dragons

by Virginia Chandler


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Your Quest for Dragons Begins Now

Here there be dragons! Arising out of our greatest myths and legends, dragons are powerful allies, lending their gifts and wisdom to your magickal practice. Summon forth their sacred energies and weave their transformative power into your life with spells, rituals, meditations, and more.

Seeking Dragons presents a cross-cultural exploration of the draconic archetypes as they have appeared across the millennia as gods, monsters, and mentors. Sharing visualizations, oil and incense recipes, and detailed rituals for honoring celestial and elemental dragons, Virginia Chandler helps you forge close bonds with these mysterious creatures as essential spiritual companions. You'll learn how to make offerings to them, perform lunar magick with them, and connect to their energy through folklore. If your heart has longed to work with dragons, then open this book and let the adventure begin.

Mythical Earth Connection

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