Tao Science

Tao Science

by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu


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Are spiritual laws also physical laws? Can we explain the soul and consciousness scientifically? What is the missing link to unifying spirituality and science?The holy grail of science is the Grand Unified Theory, a “Theory of Everything” that completely explains our reality. Albert Einstein and many other renowned scientists have sought this theory to explain all the fundamental particles and forces in the universe, how they were created, how they interact, and what their destiny is. However, no one has yet succeeded. Why? Spiritual wisdom and scientific wisdom have not had a common language. Can we explain spiritual principles scientifically and mathematically? Could it be that spiritual insights and other ancient wisdom are needed for complete understanding? In this ground-breaking book, renowned spiritual teacher and master, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, collaborates with quantum physicist and string theorist, Dr. Rulin Xiu, to introduce Tao Science.Tao is the Source of everyone and everything. Tao Science is the science of the Source and creation. It is science that tells us what everyone and everything are made of, how everyone and everything is created, how everyone and everything interacts, and much more. Tao Science is a science of grand unification. It unifies science withspirituality at the most fundamental level. It unifies everyone, everything, and every aspect of our lives.This book will be eye-opening and mind-expanding for those who are interested in science and those who are interested in the spirit.This book will benefit anyone who is willing to use the power of the spirit, the power of science, the power of love, the power of the universe, and the power of yourself to transform your life and the lives of others.This book will benefit anyone who longs to live in complete love, peace, and harmony and alignment with the universal laws and principles revealed in this book.Step into the universe of Tao Science. Tao Science is more than a theory. It is a practice. It is the way of life. You will never step back.

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