Mangano Calcite Palm Stone

Mangano Calcite Palm Stone


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The soft pink vibration of Mangano Calcite helps you eliminate the cumbersome and mundane so you can live the life you love. It allows you to reconnect with the pleasures of life and reminds you that life should never be all work and no play. Gentle Mangano Calcite cleanses away all past hurts and pain, opening the way for closer relationships with family and friends. Mangano Calcite softens the hardest and most protective hearts. Mothers, holistic healers, and medical professionals can depend on this crystal to provide strong, nurturing energy. This is also an outstanding gemstone for healing your inner child and bringing out deep, childlike happiness.

Disclaimer: Due to the fact that crystals are 100% natural and all unique, the size, weight, and color/pattern may differ from the photo. You will receive ONE crystal selected at random.

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