Pink Amphibole Flame

Pink Amphibole Flame


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Amphibole Quartz, also known as Angel Phantom Quartz, is the “Stone of Equality,” bringing equilibrium to all energies. It has the incredible ability to both open one up to higher vibrations, and to act as an immensely powerful ally in grounding & stabilizing. With these qualities it creates a sense of ease – especially when one may feel threatened or judged – while also opening the heart and mind to feelings of acceptance and fairness.

Amphibole Quartz helps us to see and approach others as equals, releasing any sense of “otherness.” On an individual level, it helps to remove any feelings of being “less than…” facilitating composure, contentedness, and acceptance of who you are.

This Crystal allows for the reception of higher wisdom, and contact with your Angels.  It aids one in making decisions from a place of intuitive clarity and groundedness in the real world.


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