Pink Amethyst Geode

Pink Amethyst Geode


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  • A movement toward emotional balance and overall peace. This stone is known to instill feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace.  
  • Increased intuition and clarity. Whether wearing your pink amethyst or keeping it nearby throughout the day, don’t be surprised if a deep sense of “knowing” washes over you.
  • An opening of the heart chakra [the 4th energy center in the body] thereby allowing a person to more readily offer and accept love, tolerance, and loving thoughts into their experience. It may be especially effective for anyone enduring feelings of stress, sadness or grief.
  • Lucid dreaming! You might notice that after an evening of wearing your pink amethyst to bed or placing it beneath your pillow, you will awaken with a clearer memory of what you dreamt about.
  • Feelings of security and protection from injury or harm - at times physical but more often emotional turmoil that may stem from a relationship where loss or betrayal was a predominant factor.

6 in x 5 in x 4 in

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