Bag of Blessings

Bag of Blessings

by Center of Being


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Bag of Blessings Cards

Based on the book The Healing Angels of the Energy Field by Stevan J. Thayer, the Bag-Of-Blessings features five special blessings from each of the nine Healing Angels for a total of 45 blessings. 

Each 2 x 3.5-inch blessing card contains a full-color image of one of the nine Healing Angels along with a blessing relating to the Healing Angel’s special healing gift. 

Whenever you pull an angel blessing card out of the bag, you will not only receive angelic energy and support from the healing angel, but you will also receive a specific blessing that the Angels know you currently need. Here are some of the ways we suggest you use your bag of blessings.

How To Use:

Receive your daily blessings: Every day just pull out a card and see who your healing angel guardian is for that day and what blessing your angel is giving you. Since the card embodies the energy of the blessing, we recommend that you put your daily blessing on your refrigerator, mirror, desk, or computer screen frame where you can look at it throughout the day.

Get an emergency blessing: whenever life presents you with a difficult situation, you can call in emergency angelic support by pulling out an angelic blessing card for the situation. Keep the card with you until the situation is over.

Bless a friend: you can bless your friends. Just bring a friend to mind, then pull a card out of the bag for them. Then call, text, or email them and let them know who their healing angel is and what blessing they have received.

Bless a client: you can let your Client pull out a blessing card at the start of the session, and then focus on that blessing in the session.

The possibilities are boundless. Let the angels inspire you to create your own uses.

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