Let Go Cards

Let Go Cards

by Akal Pritam

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These cards serve as reminders to stay focused on your creative destiny and future success and live your life with purpose.

When you let go of the past, all the things that no longer serve you from last year, last month, last week, or yesterday, you can live with greater presence and inner peace. And when you are present, you can see all the opportunities and prosperity that are meant for you.

These cards are perfect for elevating your mental perspective throughout each day, so keep them handy to periodically refresh your mind. Before you draw a card, take a nice deep inhale and a lovely long exhale. Mentally say, ‘I let go of that which no longer serves my creative destiny.’ Choose a card from the box or spread the cards out with the images facing up and select the first illustration you are drawn to.


Akal Pritam’s published works meld her experience and talents as an artist, designer, writer, and creative director with a daily practice of yoga and meditation. She is the creator of Self Love, Self-Love Oracle, The Self-Love Journal, Let Go mini inspiration cards, and Inspired by Frida mini inspiration cards.

Akal lives in the hinterland of the Byron Bay, Australia, where the wildness of nature activates her connection to intuitive and liberated creative expression.

2.5 x 1 x 4.25 inches

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