Gemstone Crystal Trees

Gemstone Crystal Trees

This beautiful crystal tree of life is a great positive energy generator and helps bring about healing, meditation, peace of mind, balance, and concentration.

This positive energy gem tree looks divine and can become a lovely adornment in your living room, feng shui decoration, chakra decor, and crystal decor, as a decorative item for your desk, shelves, cabin, office, or entrance hall.

We will fold up all branches and pack them secured in a black box for safe transportation. The copper wires are soft and flexible. You can rearrange the branches and leaves with your creativity and patience to create your one-of-a-kind crystal tree.

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Multiple IDs:

Gem Tree Amethyst (large)

$44.99 35 in stock
Gem Tree Amethyst (medium)

$24.99 24 in stock
Gem Tree Black Tourmaline (small)

$14.99 90 in stock
Gem Tree Chakra (medium)

$24.99 Sold Out
Gem Tree Chakra (x-large)

$54.99 12 in stock
Gem Tree Clear Quartz (medium)

$24.99 Sold Out
Gem Tree Labradorite (small)

$14.99 108 in stock
Gem Tree Labradorite (x-large)

$54.99 22 in stock
Gem Tree Moonstone (large)

$44.99 48 in stock
Gem Tree Moonstone (small)

$14.99 31 in stock
Gem Tree Rose Quartz & Amethyst (large)

$44.99 13 in stock
Gem Tree Rose Quartz (large)

$44.99 46 in stock
Gem Tree Rose Quartz (x-large)

$54.99 20 in stock
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