Rudraksha and Clear Quartz Mala

Rudraksha and Clear Quartz Mala


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Rudraksha Crystal Mala Necklace, 108 Prayer Beads Necklace with Tassel

Rudraksha are traditionally used as prayer beads. They are associated by Lord Shiva and comminly worn by his devotees. They are worn as a form of protection as they are said to provide a kind of protective energy to the wearer.

Clear rock crystal quartz is considered as the master healer. It removes negative energies and helps in improving concentration. It is beneficial for all the chakras.

--> Length - 35-36 inches appx

--> Rudraksha beads - 8 - 9 mm

--> Quartz beads - 8-9 mm

--> 108 + 1 beads for meditation

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