Shiva Eye Shell Bracelet

Shiva Eye Shell Bracelet


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Bracelets are approximately 1/2" wide and 8" around.

The Shiva Eye Shell is actually the operculum shell of the turban snail.

The most significant connection for Shiva Eye Shells is to the Hindu pantheon deity Shiva. The eye pattern on the shell represents Shiva's third eye, which relates to enlightenment and divinity.

The spiral pattern on the inside of the operculum shell is a natural representation of the golden ratio. This is often used to represent the interconnectedness of nature and all things in the universe.

In folklore, when fishermen catch these shells, they can bring good luck to all fishermen and travelers on sea voyages. They are also known as 'mermaid money' or mermaid coins since they are somewhat coin-shaped. The eye pattern also brings associations with warding away the evil eye.


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