Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Bracelets

Casual, Boho, everyday gemstone Healing band. Each Bracelet is 10” long and has tie closure. Can be used as an anklet or bracelet.

Each Bracelet comes with a card with a Mandala art and healing properties of the crystal (as shown in photo)

Card Size: 3.5 x 5". Each Card comes with a Affirmation at the back Made of Natural Gemstones, Hemp cord The bands are simple, light weight and with tie closure.

The bracelet is meant to be worn at all times till it gets loose or worn out Each Bracelet is handcrafted and the gemstones are natural & unique so the order, size & shape of the gemstones will differ.

Jewelry Bracelets

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Labrodorite -
helps purify and calm your energy 

Amethyst -  alleviates tension and pain 

Garnet - stimulates intuition, safety and trust 

Rose Quartz - stimulates feelings of self-love 

Citrine - promotes cheerfulness and strengthens self belief 

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Lapis Lazuli -
stimulates personal and spiritual power, relieves depression 

Smokey Quartz - imparts a positive attitude, eases stress, fear and depression 

Rose Quartz -  promotes self-worth, self-forgivness and peace 

Carnelian - attracts love for life, assists in depression 

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Fluorite -
stabilizes and protects aura

Smokey Quartz - transmutes negative energy and detoxifies the enviorment 

Hematite - repels negative vibrations and strengthens the aura 

Amethyst - calms and enhances spiritual connection 

Black Tourmaline - transmutes negative energy into neutral energy 


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the "Soul" stone. Amethyst is a comfort stone for those grieving the death of a loved one. 

Botswana Agate - Eases lonliness and protects one from negative influences 

Moonstone - stone of new beginnings, it reminds us that everything is part of a cycle

Rose Quartz - imparts love and patience as you move forward 

Rhodonite - transforms and stabilizes emotions by soothing feelings that are scattered, imbalanced or ungrounded 

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 - bestows happiness, lightheartedness, and optimism

Amazonite - imparts peace, joy, and happiness

Amethyst - brings spirituality, contentment, and happiness

Carnelian - protects against anger and rage

$18.00 2 in stock
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