DNA Spiral Pendant

DNA Spiral Pendant


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These silver DNA Spirals or Double Helix (so called due to their shape), are designed so they can be worn on the person as a pendant or as earrings if so desired. By wearing them, they can synchronize with your own DNA Strand to activate and enhance its functions.

Depending on ones health level, these Personal and Mini DNA Spirals can aid in increasing ones vitality by 300-400 % in some cases, according to research done in Europe.

The energetic qualities offered by the shape of the Personal and Mini DNA Spirals can have some of the following effects:

• Enhance vitality 

• Reduce fatigue and stress

• Provide a calming effect which can help balance blood pressure

• Help reduce irritation, nervousness, fear, fright and anxiety

• Enhance concentration (focus) – especially during intense study periods and computer work

• Provide protection for both car and driver when hung in a car

• Help in reducing energetic pollution

• Increase speed regeneration and rejuvenation

• Support in activating immune system

• Aid in expanding intuition.

If you are looking for an unusual product to empower you or someone you care for, this set of DNA Spirals is the product to help achieve your goals!

Made of sterling silver.

Alicja Centre of Well-Being

Rev. Alicja Aratyn M. Eng. is the founder and owner of the Alicja Centre of Well-Being.  She is a Past Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and has long been a member, lecturer, and teacher for the American Society of Dowsing as well as a member of Toronto Press Club. She is a life-long follower and enthusiast of the Esoteric and Metaphysical teachings of both Eastern and Western Philosophies.


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