Lauren Rainbow

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Lauren Rainbow

Lauren Rainbow is an internationally known psychic medium, author, spiritual teacher, and sacred travel guide. With over twenty years of experience, her work is dedicated to connecting loved ones in the living to their Spirit loved ones and inspiring and supporting those on the path of spiritual unfoldment. 
She also responds to an inner calling to bring people to sacred sites worldwide so they may connect with the power of these fantastic places, open their hearts, and share their love with the world. She has led spiritual empowerment journeys to India, Egypt, Peru, and Mexico. 
Lauren also co-authored a best-selling deck with Psychic Medium John Holland, The Mediumship Training Deck released in August 2020 through Hay House Publications. 

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Messages from Spirit with Lauren Rainbow & Tony Stockwell
Messages from Spirit with Lauren Rainbow & Tony Stockwell
Saturday, May 4 In-Person
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Experience an intimate evening with internationally known mediums Tony Stockwell from the UK and New England's Lauren Rainbow! Tony and Lauren will connect you to your departed loved ones, bringing you messages from the spirit world. It's more than just communication—it's a heart-centered journey towards peace, closure, and joy.