Mirabai Devi

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Mirabai Devi

Mirabai Devi is a new paradigm spiritual teacher. Her teachings emphasize the importance of spiritual practice for self-realization, combined with a commitment to personal growth. She recognizes the importance of people working through their patterns and issues by means of self-reflection with the aim of becoming impeccable. As a conduit for the Divine Feminine, Mirabai’s approach is receptive and inclusive, rather than dogmatic. Through contact with Mirabai lives change. People who attend Darshan, group healings and personal sessions report they are happier, more empowered, their bodies are more healed, and they feel the power of the Light.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 9th, 1970, Mirabai Devi grew up in a Judeo-Christian household. At age three she began to experience spontaneous visitations from Divine Masters and Light Beings, specifically coming to comfort, awaken, and activate her to her life’s purpose.  She has been trained by different avatars since 1990, both telepathically and in dream states, in how to transmit Divine Light through Darshan. Since birth, the Light has been Mirabai’s teacher. She goes directly to the Light for teachings and guidance.

Mirabai’s teaching has continued to expand. In 2003 she became exclusively based in the United States. At present the nature of Mirabai’s work has expanded to include a stronger emphasis on group and individual healing through the transmission of Divine Light, forgiveness and prayer.

Mirabai’s sessions are tailored to the individual to address where they are at a particular time and to help them remove obstacles to spiritual enlightenment. She works with a person’s health issues through prayer and transmission of the Light. Applying her gift of sight, she may look at the cause of an illness, determine its lesson and clear it. For emotional and mental blocks, crystallized thought forms and addictions, she uses and assigns specific prayers and mantras.

During a session Mirabai may teach prayers and mantras, offer counsel, transmit Light or give Darshan. She assists in the speeding up or reducing of karma to promote the resolution of issues and illness.

She has a Lightworker Training School with branches in many cities in the United States to help activate and mentor individuals who have a calling to serve the planet in a larger capacity and who want to complete their own life.