Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Animals & their Humans

Joan Ranquet



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Sunday, June 23-Monday, June 24
10:00 am-3:00 pm EST

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  • Click here to register for Joan's full Animal Summer Camp, running Friday evening 6/21 through Monday 6/24. 
  • Sunday, 6/23: 10am - 5pm at Circles
  • Monday, 6/24: 10am – 3pm at Strongwater Farm in Tewksbury 
  • If you are travelling from out of town and would like a discounted rate at the nearby Hampton Inn, please email us and we will send you the code.

EFT is a healing method that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional healing, helps shift behavior, lessens performance anxiety, and helps alleviate physical pain. Learn how to use energy to heal the physical and emotional issues in both animals and humans:

  • Setting personal and group intentions for the workshop 
  • Overview of EFT and how it works 
  • EFT points for humans 
  • Investigation and script creation with a partner over a behavioral/emotional/physical challenge at home 
  • Tapping with a partner on human feelings 
  • Tapping on behalf of an animal – remote tapping 
  • Physical tapping on animals: we will have demo dogs 
  • and so much more!

The workshop will meet at Circles of Wisdom on Sunday, and at Strongwater Farm in Tewksbury, MA on Monday to practice EFT with the horses. It is optional to attend the farm day on Monday, but we hope everyone will be able to attend.

Joan Ranquet

Joan Ranquet

Animal communicator, TEDx speaker, Findhorn Press, Hay House, and Sounds True author, educator, and animal guardian Joan Ranquet leads an inspired life. It’s no surprise MSN has deemed her one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love.” Her TEDx talk, “The Rainbow Bridge, Animals in Transition” has over 377,000 views.

Deemed “Celebrity Animal Communicator” in an AMC Channel documentary, Joan has been featured in dozens of media outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, “Pet Nation” on Dateline NBC, Today on NBC, Good Morning America on ABC, Animal Planet, the National Enquirer, and the Los Angeles Times.
Joan’s newest book, Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and their Humans, Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping (Findhorn Press, 2023) was just released in June. She is also the author of Energy Healing for Animals: A Hands-On Guide for Enhancing the Health, Longevity, and Happiness of Your Pets (Sounds True, 2015) and Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House, 2007). Joan contributed to The Dharma of Dogs: Our Best Friends as Spiritual Teachers (Sounds True, 2017) and The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from Our Feline Friends (Sounds True, 2019).

In 2008, Joan founded Communication with All Life University, a program that offers beginning through advanced training and certification in animal communication, energy healing, and nature and wildlife.  Joan’s hands-on animal communication and energy healing process troubleshoots behavioral and medical issues, stimulates healing (in conjunction with conventional treatment), and deepens her clients’ abilities to care for and understand their animals. She believes the capacity to attune to animals and work with them energetically is not a gift for the select few, but an innate ability we can all access with guidance. Thus, she teaches down-to-earth skills that enable her students to communicate consistently and confidently with animals.

Joan has connected with animals professionally for over thirty years, and she’s connected with them personally for as long as she can remember. Her calling has led her to work with hundreds of thousands of animal guardians, animal trainers, barn managers, veterinarians, sanctuaries, wildlife, rehab, and therapeutic riding centers — teaching animal communication and energy healing through workshops, wildlife retreats, and private sessions.

Joan has spearheaded trips to swim with wild dolphins (16 trips). She has also facilitated wildlife excursions to South Africa (3 trips), Namibia, Botswana, Kenya (2 trips) and Borneo, focused on endangered species. A highlight for Joan was teaching animal communication in Beijing, China in 2018. In addition to foreign trips, Joan has shared her expertise all over the U.S., speaking on animal communication, human/animal relationships, energy healing, and wildlife.

Today, Joan lives on her ranchette in the gorgeous hills of southern California with her devoted animal family: three horses, three dogs, and three cats. She donates her time to animal rescue missions, sanctuaries, and therapeutic riding centers, and is an avid fundraiser for organizations focused on rescue, recovery, and rehabilitation of compromised animals and endangered species.

Joan has served as Star-Lioness – an advisory/sounding board for the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and on the Spiritual Council for The Gentle Barn. Joan is the co-founder of Jill and Joan Healing, a company providing acupressure classes for animals and hemp-based pet products with holistic veterinarian, Jill Todd.

Bridging Animal Communication & Energy Healing
Bridging Animal Communication & Energy Healing
Thursday, June 20 Canceled
6:00 pm-9:00 pm
During this fun and interactive talk, Joan teaches how our animal companions respond to energy. She’ll also offer a demonstration of Emotional Freedom Technique for animals and humans.
Beginner's Animal Communication
Beginner's Animal Communication
Friday, June 21 Canceled
6:00 pm-9:00 pm
Using games & exercises, students learn how to use telepathy to enhance their human/animal relationships. Please bring a photo of your animal for the group. This is a very fun & enlightening class!
Joan Ranquet's Animal Summer Camp
Joan Ranquet's Animal Summer Camp: Friday evening through Monday
Friday, June 21-Monday, June 24 Canceled
6:00 pm-3:00 pm
Join us for this series! Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn about the many aspects involved in animal communication and healing work!
Intermediate Animal Communication
Intermediate Animal Communication
Saturday, June 22 Canceled
10:00 am-5:00 pm
Go deeper in this intermediate class, learning to “re-frame” the picture in order to address any behavioral and health challenges an animal may be experiencing. There will be lots of time for practice

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