En-Lighten Up: Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Feeding the Hungry Heart Chakra

Addie Kania



AvailableSeats: 40

Wednesday, January 11
7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST

Are you struggling to keep your New Year's Resolution to Release Weight?

You're not alone. According to research  90% of people on diets regain their weight within a year or so...so diets themselves do not work.  Weight release is not just about what you are eating-- but about what is "eating you!"

I intuitively perceived that many of my weight loss clients were "leaking" energy from their Heart and Sacral Chakra.  So to address this I created a program that also addressed this issue-- that I also presented to Hypnotists around the world at the National Guild of Hypnotists for around 7 years.  This class is an abbreviated version of that program. 

This program integrates three effective modalities to "En-lighten" your mind and trim your body to your Healthy weight:

  • Overall weight loss techniques (cognitive behavioral)
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Hypnosis Session that is "energetically" charged for "re-visioning" your Healthy trimmer version of yourself"


  • 7 Keys for Highly Effective Weight Loss
  • Healing the Hungry Heart exercises

This interactive seminar is meant to be "edu-taining" and fun! Let's get together and "lose the Weight" of this emotionally charged issue and get your mind and body in gear to begin your weight loss journey to your Healthy Best Self!

Addie Kania

Addie Kania

Addie Kania is a Certified Holistic Hypnotherapist, inducted into the prestigious Order of the Braid by the National Guild of Hypnotists where she is a faculty member.  Addie is a trained addictions counselor, and Stress Management Consultant and E.F.T. practitioner and creator of “The Alternative Weigh” Hypnosis weight loss program.

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