Energy Tools for 2024: EFT (Tapping) & Healing Heart Hypnosis

Addie Kania



AvailableSeats: 60

Wednesday, May 1
6:30 pm-8:30 pm EST

Now is the time...."We are the one's we've been waiting for"

We are now called upon to do our own personal deep healing. In doing this, we simultaneously ripple out to universal collective...Be the Light!

Energy tools and therapies assist us in revealing and uncovering our more authentic selves. This allows us to release the dense energies of our old habitual patterns of thinking, behavior and belief systems more easily. As we raise our vibrational frequencies, we empower ourselves to stand in our light joy and beauty!  It is a true "paradigm shift".

The "energy tool" Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful emotional healing process that takes just minutes to learn. It is often referred to as acupressure without needles as this technique uses acupressure pressure points to release various mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages. 

We will combine Chakra Balancing Tapping with Healing Heart Hypnosis for radiant well-being. Please join in our healing tribe---and "Be the change you wish to see"  Gandhi

"Within each of us is a hidden potential-a wellspring of untapped natural resources we can use to heal our Psychological wounds and help us better navigate challenges we have in our life."  L. Parnell

Included in this class is:

  • Tapping Protocol Card
  • Chakra Tapping Handout
  • Calm Strip
Addie Kania

Addie Kania

Addie Kania is a Certified Holistic Hypnotherapist, inducted into the prestigious Order of the Braid by the National Guild of Hypnotists where she is a faculty member. Addie is a trained addictions counselor, and Stress Management Consultant and E.F.T. practitioner and creator of “The Alternative Weigh” Hypnosis weight loss program.

En-Lighten Up: Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Feeding the Hungry Heart Chakra
En-Lighten Up: Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Feeding the Hungry Heart Chakra
Thursday, May 9 In-Person
6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Join us and release your "Inner Butterfly" from the cocoon of winter weight! Weight release is not just about what you are eating-- but about what is "eating you!" This program integrates three effective modalities to "En-lighten" your mind and trim your body to your Healthy weight!

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