From Avoidance to Action: Gain Freedom from Procrastination & Overthinking to Actualize Your Goals

Nat Couropmitree


$40.00 $30.00

AvailableSeats: 60

Thursday, June 13
6:30 pm-8:30 pm EST

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Are you tired of having procrastination and overthinking hold you back, only to find traditional approaches like reasoning and productivity hacks fall short? If you're an artist, healer, coach, or consultant seeking to break free from these paralyzing patterns and reclaim your creative power, this workshop is tailor-made for you.

In this transformative workshop, you will:

  • Move Beyond Rationalization: Break free from the cycle of rationalizing with yourself that often fails to address the root causes of procrastination and overthinking.
  • Embrace Inner Exploration: Dive deep into somatic awareness and mindfulness techniques to reconnect with your inner self, unlocking hidden strengths and insights along the way.
  • Take Action with Confidence: Discover Nat's powerful 5-step ‘Resistance Release Technique’ process, specifically designed to turn intentions into actions and dreams into tangible realities, empowering you to achieve success effortlessly.

Don't let procrastination and overthinking hold you back from living your fullest life. Join us on this liberating journey as we guide you from avoidance to freedom, helping you unleash your creativity and potential like never before. It's time to step into your power and make your dreams a reality.

Preparation: Please come to the workshop with a specific situation in mind where you’re noticing resistance, procrastination and/or overthinking coming up. It can be anything. Examples: Not making time to finish writing your book; Not speaking up about your new body of work; Waiting for the right circumstances to record and post a marketing video; Avoiding speaking up about something you’ve been tolerating in your relationship; etc.

What to Bring: A pen/pencil and a hard surface to write on (i.e. clipboard or notebook). A worksheet will be provided.

Nat Couropmitree

Nat Couropmitree

Hi. I'm Nat Couropmitree (pronounced Ca-ROPE-ma-tree), and my journey is a blend of cultural heritage, spiritual exploration, and overcoming personal challenges.

My family's surname reflects my values—'Courop' for respect and 'Mitree' for unity and loving-kindness—gifted by a Thai Buddhist abbot when my dad’s family first immigrated to Thailand. Growing up, meditation was ingrained in me by my dad, a passionate advocate for its benefits.

Becoming a Thai Buddhist monk at 17, even for a brief period, instilled lessons of humility and service that still resonate today. My path led me to study anthropology and later become a certified coach through The Coaching from Spirit Institute in 2007. I've also delved in energy modalities, taught eastern holistic exercises, and became certified as a Relateful Facilitator in 2021, all of which shape my holistic approach to coaching.

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