September Psychic Fair

September Psychic Fair

  • Readings are currently sold out. However, we have added an additional healer Roberta Lundquist with Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed sessions and a few spots are still available. And you can still shop our Local Artisan Trunk Show and recieve 20% off all in store merchandise purchases this day. 

  • If you are late for your session we may fill your spot with a customer in store. Please plan to arrive early or call us if you're running late. 

20-minute readings for $30 with a variety of offerings. All offerings are In person only. The great thing about our fairs is that you get to book ahead and know who you will see and what time your appointment will be. That usually means sessions fill up in advance so we don't often have spots for walk ins on the fair day. Please book ahead. 

20% off all in store merchandise too! Plan some extra time for shopping. 

Readers offering 20-minute Readings for $30:

  • Renee Walsh - Destiny Divination Sessions * SOLD OUT *
  • Joy Costanza - Creating Change Tarot & Energy Work * SOLD OUT *
  • Cathy Corcoran - Celestial Angel/Oracle Card Readings * SOLD OUT *
  • Rob Stewart - Evolutionary Astrology Readings * SOLD OUT *
  • Samantha Shea - Limitless Readings * SOLD OUT *
  • Patty Collinsworth - Akashic Records Readings *SOLD OUT*

Offering 20-minute Healing Sessions for $35: 

  • Roberta Lundquist - Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed Sessions: The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is an advanced healing technology that combines light, color, sound, magnetics, and the client's intentions. The Quantum Resonance Crystal bed aims to relax cells, reduce inflammation, restore balance, detoxify, energize, and clear the mind. Suitable for all ages, it helps with conditions like stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and more. 

  • Carmen Hernandez - * SOLD OUT * Sacred Sound Healings:  You will be immersed in a quantum vibrational healing field created by a 36” cosmic gong and an orchestra of crystal and Himalayan bowls and other sacred healing tools. This powerful vibration will connect deeply at the cellular level of your body and assist in bringing your physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies into a state of divine harmonic resonance.

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