Calm Spray

Calm Spray


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Peaceful, Serene, Tranquil

Spray this mist and breathe deeply knowing all is well.

Feel inner peace and serenity.

Water; Proprietary Blend of Medical Grade Essential Oils

Aromatic Blend Notes
fresh, green, herbaceous, medicinal, musky, penetrating, slightly spicy, warm


All is well. I am calm, relaxed, and at peace. I am grounded and focused. Peace and serenity are mine. I relax and breathe deeply, knowing all is well. I am grateful for sound sleep and pleasant dreams.

  • Spiritual Uses: Calm is a useful tool to cleanse the auric field. Use it to align with Archangel Thuriel to amplify your connection with nature. Use this spray to clear and align yourself for meditation or yoga. It is perfect to remove negative energy and replace it with blessings and love.
  • Mental Uses: Calm relaxes your mind so you can release negative thoughts associated with fears, phobias, and obsessions. This spray is a useful tool for grounding and a good ally when you are trying to remain focused and calm.
  • Emotional Uses: Spray Calm to calm hysteria and quiet the emotions enough to sort out what you are feeling. Use it with the intention to shore up inner strength and courage when you are feeling emotionally weak and vulnerable.
  • Physical Uses: This bedtime favorite encourages healthy breathing and deep, healing sleep. Inhale the vapors to relax and release the day. Calm aid in releasing headaches, sinus congestion, and opens breathing passageways. It is also an insect repellent.
  • Interesting tidbit: This blend was created on September 2, 2019, while Hurricane Dorian (a Category 5 Hurricane) was approaching the Palm Beaches. Margaret Ann Lembo, aromatherapist, put together this blend of medical-grade essential oils to calm the fears of a potential disaster. The Palm Beaches were spared, though the Bahamas were unfortunately annihilated.
  • Divine Guidance: Steps to reduce emotional, physical, and mental inflammation are in order. Try visualization and meditation to bring a new calmness to every aspect of your life and body. Peace and tranquility are yours for the asking. Connect with an image of firmly planted roots. Remember you have the ability to flex and bend in a storm—mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Allow the experiences of life to help you realize amazing growth. Remember your roots; yet always remember how much you can grow to reach great heights.

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