Prosperity Mist

Prosperity Mist


2 ounces

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Spray this blend of prosperous essential oils often. Visualize good fortune, wealth, and an abundance of goodness in your life.

  • Ingredients
    Water; Proprietary Blend of Medical Grade Oils; Holy Waters from around the world; Bach Flower Essences; Gemstone Tinctures.
  • Aromatic Blend Notes
    crisp, clean, earthy, sexy, sweet, hippy, musky, mossy, wine-like
  • Bach Flower Essences
    Larch, Schleranthus, Wild Oat
  • Gemstone Essence
    Clear Quartz, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Serpentine, Pyrite
  • Waters
    Chalice Well Water; Spring from Mother Mary’s home in Anatolia, Turkey; St. Germain in France, Lanzon, Teotihuacan, Manitoba Springs, St. Anne’s Cathedral in Quebec, and many more!

The Crystal Garden label oils are 100% pure therapeutic-quality also considered medical grade. Therapeutic medical quality means these oils can be used in a carrier oil for rebalancing the body and will have a real effect on the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

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