Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil



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  • Fragrance
    clean, disinfectant-like, herbaceous, medicinal, spicy, strong
  • About the plant
    Tea tree is an evergreen tree that reaches a height of up to 25 feet. It has papery bark and white flowers.
  • Spiritual uses
    Tea tree essential oil facilitates the download and processing of Divine inspiration, healing light, and true wisdom.
  • Mental uses
    Tea tree essential oil can help restore your senses after a shock.
  • Emotional uses
    Tea tree essential oil encourages expansiveness in experiencing the depth of your emotions.
  • Physical uses
    Tea tree essential oil is useful for healing infections. It has strong antiseptic qualities and is recognized for its anti-infectious and antifungal qualities. Use before and after an operation to improve the immune system, as it is effective as an antiviral and germicidal agent. It is especially beneficial for the relief of a sore throat, toothache, earache, and sinus conditions. Tea tree has calmed the sting of an insect bite and has been known to expel intestinal parasites.
  • Therapeutic properties
    analgesic, antibacterial, antibiotic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, antipruritic, antiseptic (strong), antitussive, antiviral, carminative, cicatrizant, cordial, decongestant, diaphoretic, insecticidal, refreshing, revitalizing, stimulative, sudorific, vulnerary

For your safety: Possible skin irritant.

The Crystal Garden label oils are 100% pure therapeutic-quality also considered medical grade. Therapeutic medical quality means these oils can be used in a carrier oil for rebalancing the body and will have a real effect on the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

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