Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets

Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets


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  • Swift Lite International Ltd is the original Swift Lite charcoal manufacturer in the UK with production facilities since 1957.
  • The fast lighting charcoal from Swift-Lite is a smokeless and odorless product originally designed for religious incense burning.
  • Swift Lite charcoal uses sustainable wood sources and only uses specially selected species of timber in order to give a hotter and stronger product.
  • The tablet can be lit simply with a match and after a few seconds will generate a high heat from considerable amount of time. For smoking, the temperature is important so as to heat the molasses without burning or scorching.
  • Swift Lite Charcoal tablets are also still widely used for incense burning for religious and recreational use. Swift-Lite sources all their charcoal from fruit trees, especially the apple tree. This makes the finest quality charcoal powder.

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