Large White Sage Wand

Large White Sage Wand


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Sage (Salvia) is an evergreen perennial shrub that is often used for culinary, medicinal, and ornamental purposes. It is used as a spice and a way to improve health in traditional medicine.

White sage has long been used to clear spaces of negative energy and purify the environment.

How to Burn Sage

  • Open a window or door before you start burning the sage. This allows the smoke to exit your house.
  • Put the sage in the burning container and light it. Let it burn for several seconds and then blow it out so that it keeps smoking. If it stops emitting smoke, try lighting it again.
  • Set an intention for what you are doing. 
  • Walk to each room you wish to purify and let the smoke enter it. Do not allow any space to fill with too much smoke. Avoid inhaling the smoke directly

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