Florida Water

Florida Water


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  • Sprinkling it or spraying it through a spray bottle throughout the room to remove heavy vibrations and encourage the healthy expression of emotions, especially after arguments. This is especially useful for empaths who come in contact with negative people.

  • As a purification and blessing floor wash, one can mix the cologne into usual cleaning mixtures.

  • Make a crystal cleansing solution whenever your stones begin to have stagnant, low energy by placing them in the water or spraying them. Cleansing them under the Full or New Moon is favorable as well.

  • If you’re an empath or have spiritual gifts, spray onto the body to fight anxiety, sadness, and protection from absorbing others’ energies. When feeling ungrounded or “evil-eyed,” take a cleansing bath and spray the Water on your crown, neck, heart, hands, and feet.

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