Serenity Mist

Serenity Mist


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Spray this mist to establish a sense of tranquility and peace.

Activate feelings of abundance, love, safety, and well-being.

Water; Proprietary Blend of Medical Grade Essential Oils; Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils, Organic Hydrosols, Holy Waters from around the world; Sacred Site Essences from around the world.

Aromatic Blend Notes
citrusy, exotic, floral, musky, sweet

  • Spiritual Uses
    Use Serenity Mist to align with Ascended Masters and angels. Let it help you connect with the highest vibrations. Use it prior to channeling or any type of spiritual work including prayer and meditation.
  • Mental Uses
    Serenity Mist can help you release subconscious fears. It aids in bringing about inner peace and calm for a quiet mind. This blend helps you maintain focus and promotes action. Let it help you increase your awareness of issues or challenges so you can perceive them from a higher perspective.
  • Emotional Uses
    Spray this mist to help you rebalance your emotions and to help you feel nurtured and safe. It can help during times of grief regardless of what you are grieving—a relationship, loved one’s passing, the way things used to be, your younger self, and beyond.
  • Physical Uses
    Spray this synergistic blend to relieve stress by day and calm oneself for a sound sleep by night. Use this blend to attract both love and money! It is useful to repel insects like mosquitoes when used in combination with eucalyptus.

Interesting tidbit
This blend was created by Margaret Ann Lembo with the intention to provide a scent that ‘smells like The Crystal Garden.’ For over 30 years, customers of The Crystal Garden have asked how they can obtain the store’s scent and bring it home. Now, you can have it using Serenity Mist.

Divine guidance
Do you realize that you are magnificent? Believe in your magnificence and embrace your power. Do you need more sweetness in your life? Are you gentle with yourself in your words and thoughts? Treat yourself with kindness. Be your own best friend, and be the best friend you can be to others. Love and accept your emotional nature.

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